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Sunday, 29 March 2020

P Plan Your Visit

Health Tips


Check on immunization and anti malaria medication well in advance. Whilst First Aid kits are available in most tourist accommodation units, you may wish to pack a reasonable first aid kit to enable you to deal with small emergencies. You are encouraged to use licensed accommodation units and restaurants at all times.

What to Wear

Beach resorts are very informal, however it is important to remember that Malawians are generally conservative people. Visitors should respect local customs and traditions when visiting villages and public places. Business meetings are usually formal and those combining work with pleasure should keep this in mind.

Best time to visit

Malawi is always beautiful. The cooler months (May to August/September) are more comfortable for travelers from the northern hemisphere, but the lush, green summer. (November to April) is also a good time to visit. Remember to use insect repellents. May and June combine the best of both seasons - cooler, still green with great visibility - and are especially good for photography.