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Sunday, 29 March 2020

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Mountain Climbing

Porters’ Race

Are you strong and adventurous enough? Like running up mountains? Then the Mount Mulanje Porter’s race may be the ideal challenge for you. Originally, the Porters’ Race was a competition limited to the superfit porters and guides, who escort tourists up the mountain. It has now become an annual event attracting any interested runner, male or female over 18 years old, who feels fit enough to run a rocky and rough route up the mountain for a distance of about 25 km. Hundreds entered in 2009 which was sponsored by the local NBS and others. The Race starts at Likhubula Forest Office and climbs to Chambe Plateau, about 2500m a.s.l, before proceeding (via Chambe plateau) to Lichenya Plateau and back to Likhubula.

 For the less dedicated, Mulanje offers equally great rewards. Spectacular views across tea plantations to Mozambique, sheer drops down gullies laced with waterfalls; glades shaded by forest trees where purple crested loeries and sun squirrels scuttle along the branches; montane grasslands dotted with ground orchids and gladioli and alive with butterflies; forests of fragrant Mulanje cedar trees.