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Sunday, 29 March 2020

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Wildlife Reserves

Malawi is blessed with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. There are five national Parks and 4 Wildlife Reserves that has undergone a great Africa’s conservation success stories, three National Parks have been restocked and offer an opportunity for game viewing. Malawi is also an ornithologist’s paradise, with a wide range of endemic bird species coupled with the relative ease of bird watching. There are around 650 species of birds with over ten percent not being seen in other parts of Southern Africa. Near the southern end of Lake Malawi is the world’s first fresh water national park at cape Maclear. Lake Malawi is a real life aquarium that is home to over 1000 species of tropical fish. This is one of Malawi’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

This reserve lies along the Malawi Zambia border and has an outstanding number of bird species and a backdrop of woodland. Some of the wildlife includes buffaloes, hippos and elephants.

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

Said to be Malawi’s oldest reserve, is dotted with streams and waterfalls that provide great spots for fishing, canoeing and river rafting Game drives are also an option and one can spot elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes. Bird life over 280 species, has been rated by Birdlife International as an area of ‘special Interest’

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Malawi’s success story in terms of conservation, a partnership between Malawi government and African parks has turned Majete from a heavily poached to a big 5 reserve. Nearly 3000 wildlife have been re-introduced and it is perfect for game drives, bush walks, bird watching and boat safaris.

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve

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Kuti Wildlife Reserve This tiny gem offers lots of activities and they include horse riding, bike safaris and birdwatching. The wildlife species includes zebras, elephants, antelopes, wildebeest and primates.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Located at the heart of the capital city within a beautiful wildlife reserve, this is Malawi’s only accredited sanctuary and is home to almost 200 different rescued wild animals. This is a must see for all visitors passing through for birdwatching, walking safaris and relaxation.