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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Liwonde, rhino and translocation

Taking stock of success

Liwonde, when Livingstone was still exploring the area, was renowned as a hunting paradise. Rare elephant hunting classics were written about the prolific wildlife on the

Shire’s riverbanks as early as 1868. This resulted in the loss of nearly all larger mammal species by the turn of the century.With Malawi’s independence wiser counsel prevailed; conservation became the target.

This unique riverine area was declared a National Park in 1979 and ambitious translocation was started into the Park of many of the original species. In the late nineties

a breeding pair of black rhino was re-introduced and there are now nine of that species.Other species too have multiplied very successfully - to the extent that Liwonde now

supplies animals to the newest conservation areas in Malawi, such as Majete and even to South African parks. A remarkable conservation success.