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Sunday, 29 March 2020


Malawi’s people, warm, friendly and welcoming, are by far its greatest asset. The country is home to over 16 million inhabitants, by far one of the densely populated countries this part of Africa, but it is through interaction with the people that leaves one to have a true feel of the warmth of Malawi’s people, hence the slogan, ‘the warm heart of Africa’.

Malawians are descendants of the Bantu people from various origins such as congo, and Mozambique among others. The major tribes include the chewas, the ngonis, lomwes, yaos, sena, tumbuka, and many more.

The beauty of Malawi’s people is that they have preserved most of the cultural practices and are observed even in this day and age. Most cultural ceremonies are conducted after harvest such as initiation for girls and boys that have reached puberty, called chinamwali.


Cultural villages have been set up by various communities in an effort to offer visitors the opportunity to experience a typical Malawian village lifestyle at a small fee.